Why Abhiyaan ?

Abhiyaan’s rapid opportunity identification, digital solutions repository and structured implementation process enables corporates to achieve their business objectives by optimizing 5 core areas.



Forecasting job completion and being able to perform “what if” benefits operations analyses of schedule changes by removing much of the guesswork from daily tasks.

Time management

Manual tasks take time. They have to be performed linearly by humans who are prone to errors and who are unable to consistently perform to the highest standards. Abhiyaan automation solutions reduce the number of tasks handled manually. This frees up the time to work on items that add genuine value to the business, allowing corporates to be more innovative.


Our automation solutions help increasing productivity along with ensuring high standard on product quality along with output consistency. Once the job is scheduled, automation software executes commands precisely and in the structured sequence. This ensures elimination of operational errors & eventually gets more done in the same amount of time, greatly increasing productivity.

Resource Optimization

One of the approaches for increasing profitability is resource optimization. But, if the resource optimization is not done strategically, may impact the output quality. Abhiyaan automation solutions bring better and more intelligent approach to cost containment and reduction. The greatest opportunity is to increase service to the customer (end user) while systematically reducing costs.


Elimination or minimizing human interventions minimizes possibilities of human errors as well as dependency.

Our automation solutions ensure following all the described processes in the same order. Hence the output is as per the defined process.

About Founder

Mr. Vinayak Pai (Founder & CEO)

Vinayak brings the experience of over 25 years in end to end implementation of technology based solutions across industries such as hospitality, retail, BFSI to name a few….A CRM & loyalty maven with extensive experience in designing and implementing over 100 client solutions across industries.He is pioneered in launching first ever coalition loyalty program in India.An experienced technocrat, Vinayak has designed the earliest closed loop payment integration system in India.Some of the key projects Vinayak has handled so far are- Indian Hotels (Taj), Crossroads, ICICI Pru Life, UTI MF, Raymonds, Indian Film Combine, Innoviti… to name a few.A true believer of micro-entrepreneurship, Vinayak actively helps his wife to establish her confectionery business. And is always open to support young entrepreneurs with his knowledge and wisdom.

Our Solutions


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Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

    1. Automation of any business operation with your own ‘Virtual Employee’
    2. Exclusively crafted ‘AI’ based tool
    3. High accuracy
    4. No change to existing infrastructure
    5. Time & cost management

            1. Some of our sample RPA tool :
                1. Learning and development BOT
                  1. Interactive learning experience
                  2. Drives active participation from the participant
                  3. Provides flexibility to user for choosing the learning model of own choice & sequence
                  4. Can be integrated with any mobile/ web interface
                  5. Sample videos:
                    Useful for industry/ functions: Product development, HRs, customer assistance

                    1. http://bit.ly/2X4TqLP
                    2. http://bit.ly/353kb6h

                  Attendance management BOT:

                    1. Accessed using any web access device
                    2. Useful for attendance, leave management
                    3. Provision for GPS tracking
                    4. Hierarchy based access
                    5. Maker-checker mechanism
                    6. Sample videos:
                      Useful  for industry/ functions: HR, any field sales team

                        1. http://bit.ly/2XbIn3F
                2. Recruitment & onboarding BOTS
                3.  Recruitment:
                    1. Effortlessly searches candidate profiles with defined criteria
                    2. Profile ranking based on the matches
                    3. Sample video:http://bit.ly/350TzT4
                1. Onboarding:
                    1. 0paper work
                    2. Validation of documents like, AADHAR card, PAN automated
                    3. All data saved safely on the server


                2. Useful for industry/ functions: HR
            1. Order placement with GEO tagging functionality
                1. 0 paper work
                2. Predefined & geo tagged distributor data
                3. Single click order placement
                4. Can be used as FOS beat plan and sales penetration heat map tool
                5. Sample video: NA
                6. Useful  for industry/ functions: Institutional sales unites across industry



CRM & Loyalty Solutions

  1. Responsive web based platform
  2. End-to end loyalty management:
    1. Customer onboarding
    2. Relationship and growth
    3. Campaign management for driving specific behaviour
    4. Brand alliances and redemption
    5. Program reporting and analysis
  3. Achieving long term marketing objectives

Digital Marketing

  1. Websites & mobile app designing
  2. SEO
  3. SEM
  4. Social Media
  5. Campaign Management
  6. Email
  7. SMS

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

  1. Cloud based solution for high security & reliability
  2. Integrating multiple business processes
  3. Common database management system
  4. Single platform with admin view and ‘real- time’ dashboard reports